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Ergonomic office chair Ergo

Here you will find product documentation, videos, answers to frequently asked questions, and helpful links about ofinto Ergo.

Function video

In this video we present all the ergonomic features ofinto Ergo.

You can find detail videos for the individual functions here.

Product data sheet

All important product data, incl. dimensions and functions, can be found here. here.

Assembly video

In this video we show you how easy and fast our ofinto Ergo can be assembled.

You can find detail videos for the individual assembly steps here.

Instructions incl. assembly

You will find all the information you need on assembly, use and maintenance here.

Frequently asked questions

Does the ofinto Ergo have a disc/lordosis support?

Yes, the ofinto Ergo ergonomic office chair has an intervertebral disc/lordosis support. Unlike most conventional office chairs, however, this is not visible but discreetly integrated into the frame of the backrest. The ergonomically important support for the lower lumbar vertebrae is provided by selective control of the mesh tension. The height of the support can be easily adjusted by adjusting two levers inserted in the frame.

Can the ofinto Ergo armrests be removed?

Yes, the armrests of ofinto Ergo can be removed or not mounted without affecting the synchronous mechanism of the chair. For this reason, we offer the ergonomic office chair ofinto Ergo both with and without armrests.

Are the ofinto Ergo wheels also suitable for hard floors such as wood or parquet?

Yes. ofinto Ergo has universal casters made of high-quality polyurethane (so-called PU casters). These casters are not only quiet and shock resistant but also have the ideal hardness to not cause scratches on hard floors, such as stone, parquet or laminate. Nevertheless, for safety, we recommend using a floor protection mat for particularly sensitive floors, such as antique wood floors.

How is the ofinto Ergo different from the ofinto Active?

The ofinto Ergo is the ergonomic all-rounder at a fair price. It has all the essential functions that a good ergonomic office chair should have: a synchronous mechanism that regulates the backrest resistance based on the seated person's body weight, an adjustable backrest, an intervertebral disc support, adjustable armrests and a depth-adjustable seat. The ofinto Active builds on these features and expands them with a four-level adjustable backrest resistance and an optional 3D mechanism for active dynamic sitting.

The ofinto Ergo features a simple slim design and a lumbar support inserted into the frame, which allows it to fit well into tight spaces without visually taking up too much space. The ofinto Active, on the other hand, draws the eye with its brushed aluminum base for the backrest.

For more information on the differences, check out our blog article "The ofinto office chair comparison: ofinto Active vs. Ergo".

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