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Electric height adjustable office desk Elevate

Here you will find product documentation and answers to frequently asked questions about ofinto Elevate.

Function video

In this video we present all the features ofinto Elevate.

Detailed videos about the individual functions and settings can be found here here.

Product data sheet

All important product data for ofinto Elevate, incl. dimensions and functions, can be found at here.

Product data and dimensions for the cable management system can be found at here.

Instructions incl. assembly and troubleshooting

All information about installation, use and maintenance, and how to proceed if you have technical problems with your ofinto Elevate , can be found at here.

Detail videos of the individual assembly steps of the ofinto Elevate you will find here.

The assembly instructions for the cable management system can be found at here.

Frequently asked questions

Is the ofinto Elevate tabletop water-repellent?

Yes. Our 100% FSC table tops are water repellent. For example, if you ever empty your coffee on the Elevate , this is no problem at all and you can clean the plate again with a damp cloth.

Can I write on the ofinto Elevate tabletop without a pad?

Yes. Our 100% FSC tabletops are scratch resistant. So you can write on paper without worrying about leaving a mark on your notes on the ofinto Elevate table.

My floor is slightly sloped. Can the ofinto Elevate handle this?

Yes. However, it is very important that the tabletop of your ofinto Elevate is completely horizontal, otherwise this can lead to wear of the motors. To compensate for slight unevenness, the ofinto Elevate has four pre-mounted leveling glides on its table legs, which can be individually adjusted in height.

How can I initialise the table?

To initialize your ofinto Elevate , simultaneously press and hold both arrow keys for several seconds. Keep the keys pressed until the table has reached its lowest possible position, moves up a few centimeters again and you hear a short pip tone. You can find a short video on initialization here.

How can I save an altitude?

The ofinto Elevate can store four height settings. To save a position, follow these steps: Once you have set your preferred altitude, press and hold the "M" key until the digital altitude display begins to flash. Then select the number under which you want to save the altitude. After the storage process, you can recall the stored heights at any time by briefly tapping the corresponding number. The table then moves to the corresponding position without you having to keep the key pressed. You can find a short video on the memory function here.

What is the maximum load ofinto Elevate?

The ofinto Elevate can be loaded with a maximum of 125 kg.

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